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Princess Themed Birthday | Kansas City Child Photographer

Audrey’s second part of her birthday wish is not just to be Snow White, but also to dress up as their favorite princesses with her best friends! I originally planned an outdoor photoshoot at William Jewell College, but it got rained out. The weather forecast changed within two days of the scheduled photoshoot time. It […]

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Audrey in Style Part 3 | Kansas City Child Model Photographer

After our fun ten outfits shoot, Audrey and I decided to do it again. There are still mountain of stylish and unqiue clothes in Audrey’s wardrobe. This time Audrey picked out her own matching hair piece. It was not that long before our session got crashed! Twice! Wesley was not too into studio photos last […]

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August 24, 2015

Baby Elliott’s 1 Year | Kansas City Child Photographer

Remember Baby Elliott’s 6 months session? This cutie is back for his 1 year old studio session! I have been photographing this cutie since he was born in the hospital one year ago. After his Fresh 48, newborn, 3 months, and 6 months gaming theme session, he’s really growing up with me. I was honored to […]

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Audrey in Style Part 2 | Kansas City Child Model Photographer

I always think that subjects will be more relaxed in the second part of a session because they are really in the mood for taking pictures. Here are the second five outfits that we shot that day. I really love the red coat outfit and the grey sweater one. The red coat is actually 2T […]

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Audrey in Style Part 1 | Kansas City Model Photographer

My little girl is growing so fast. I was going through her closet one day and found there are so many clothes that she hasn’t even worn and she will outgrown of them very soon. What can I do about this? We have to wear it at least once, right? Let’s take some studio outfit […]

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March 24, 2015

Nerdy Baby Elliott | Kansas City Child Photographer

Remember baby Elliott from his fresh 48, newborn, and three months sessions? Yes, this is the fourth time I am photographing baby Elliott. We had an impression that baby Elliott did not like my camera in the past two sessions, so his parents and I were a little nervous about this session. His mommy and […]

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When Beach Boy Meets Sailor Girl | Kansas City Child Photographer

This is another piece of work from mommy and me team. We had so much fun shooting in my studio when grandma was visiting in town during labor day weekend. I was going through Audrey’s wardrobe and found that she has way too many clothes than Wesley and a lot of them that she has […]

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October 20, 2014

Audrey’s Tiara Combs | Kansas City Child Model Photographer

Ever since Bokeh Story Photos was born, I started this journey of photographing a variety of portrait sessions, including lifestyle, engagement, newborn, babies, children, family, senior, fashion, and headshots. These all fall under the main category of portraits. I decied that I do not want to be a wedding photographer long time ago. For most […]

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Baby Eli is 8 Months | Kansas City Child Photographer

It was my honor and pleasure to photograph baby Eli’s 8 months studio session! I photographed this cutie pie’s lifestyle newborn back in January and now he is 8 months! Time flies… Eli is almost a toddler now. Eli’s mommy Michelle and I brainstormed ideas before the session. She hand picked two sets of backdrop/floordrops […]

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August 25, 2014

Baby Elliott’s Newborn Fantasy | Kansas City Child Photographer

Remember baby Elliott from the Elliott’s Fresh 48 two weeks ago? He came back to my studio for his newborn session. This little boy showed same characteristics from his Fresh 48. He was almost awake the entire time from his newborn session. Elliott’s mom loves to bake and wanted to a baking theme. He decided he […]

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