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Why People Choose Bokeh’s Custom Photography?

Think about 30 years from now when you look back at family portraits, do you want a snapshot or something really special? Custom photography captures a fleeting moment in time, something you cannot redo as we are capturing life at its rawest moments. At Bokeh Story Photos, we specialize in photographing the most important people in your life and the most important days in your life. We work with babies, families, couples, seniors, and even models. What make us stand out the most are the special packages that built with love. We try to tell your stories or guide you to build your new stories. Whether you want a lifestyle series of sessions to document your day to day life for an entire year or want to build your modeling portfolio, we have got these all covered. The all inclusive special packages are designed with love for different types of audiences and purposes. If you are simply looking for a photographer to click the shutter and hand over digital files, we are most likely not the right choice for you. However, if you are looking to capture a moment in time, that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come through portrait wall art, custom designed products, and one of a kind service, then you have come to the right place!

Some people think prints shouldn’t be charged a studio price because someone can get it for “$0.15” on their own from said store. BUT you can also cook, however that doesn’t mean you should pay a chef for only the ingredients he uses. You may be able to cut your own hair but it doesn’t mean the stylist should do it free. The cost to run a photography business is huge. We have professional equipment, expensive software, websites to maintain, marketing materials, props for sessions, accountants, sample products, and workshops that we attend to nourish our knowledge and skills. You are not just paying for the “actual” photographs or digital images, you are paying for the time and talent of the photographer. I work with my clients to design unique experience for each session. We work through iterations to come up with a list or agenda for the actual photoshoot. You can see an example of the story and agenda in this post. Take a look at the time involved with a single session:

  • 1 hour of responding to inquiries.
  • 1 hour of scheduling your session, sometimes including location hunting.
  • 2-3 hours planning and brainstorming for concepts and ideas, including more communication with clients.
  • 30 minutes of preparing and sending session information.
  • 30 minutes of setting up for the session.
  • 2 hours meeting clients and shooting the session.
  • 30 minutes of clean up from session.
  • 1 hour of driving to and from your session.
  • 2 hours to cull thru images.
  • 4-6 hours of editing and enhancing images and getting them print ready.
  • 30 minutes of preparing sneak peaks for the web for you to show your friends and family.
  • 1 hour of preparing a slide show for your ordering session.
  • 1 hour of driving to and from your ordering session.
  • 1-2 hour ordering appointment.
  • 2-6 hours for custom design for printing, such as press cards or albums.
  • 1 hour for preparing and placing the photo order.
  • 1 hour to deliver your photos.
  • 2 hours blogging your session and promote you (if you are a model).

As you can see, it is more than just a 2 hour studio or on location session. From start to finish, I spend anywhere from 24-32 hours of work on a single client. This is also the reason why I only take very limited sessions to ensure the quality of service I provide.

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