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Project 10×12 – November 2013

November 30, 2013

Can’t believe 2013 is almost over! I did not take a lot of photos of my own little family because this is the busiest month for me as a portrait photographer. Almost all my weekends were filled with 2-3 fall family sessions plus modeling headshots sessions.  I felt like that I reached at my full capacity and did not spend much with my own little family. The only time that I picked up my DSLR and took pictures of my own family were at a friend’s wedding reception. Remember the gorgeous couple Nancy and John that I took the airplane engagement pictures? We did not make it to their San Francisco wedding, but we made to their Kansas City reception.

It was great time to see so many of our friends at the same time. These friends especially the newly weds have been watching Audrey and Wesley growing up since they were born. Nancy’s family flew all the way from San Francisco. They are also originally from Shanghai (where I was born). Audrey and Wesley had so much fun with them and they communicated using Shanghainese. Nancy kept saying that her mom wanted to take Audrey back to San Francisco.

2013-11-28_0008 2013-11-28_0009 2013-11-28_0010 2013-11-28_0011 2013-11-28_0012

2013-11-28_0013The reception was gorgeous, the food was so yummy, and the guests are so nice. It was just really dark that I had to bump up my ISO to 2000. I am a natural light photographer (except when I am in studio). After this, I really think that I need to get a speedlite because shooting moving subjects in dark is just so hard. My kids are non-stop moving subjects. Audrey had so much fun on the dance floor. I know she loves music and dancing, but I have never seen her dancing like this before. She was on fire! I captured lots of dancing shots for her. Towards the end of the reception, Audrey grabbed the groom and danced with him for a good amount of time. She wouldn’t do this if she didn’t know him. Uncle John has been her “dancing teacher” since she was one! She likes uncle John and is so happy that auntie Nancy and uncle John tied the knots after dating for 4 years. Wesley was super hyper that night as well. Both kids kept running from room to room and I had to chase behind them holding the camera. They finally started to get a little tired around 9pm, but Audrey was still dancing. Wesley was sucking his thumb and rubbing his ear. We knew that we had to leave. It was a great experience for the kids – their first time attending a wedding reception.

2013-11-28_0014 2013-11-28_0015 2013-11-28_0016 2013-11-28_0017 2013-11-28_00182013-11-28_0019


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    Sandy a la Mode Dec 01, 2013

    love these photos, lai!! austin had so much fun dancing with wesley and audrey that night!!! he actually talks about wesley guh guh about every other day, he just will say his name randomly! we need to hang out again soon~! :)

    Eden Dec 04, 2013

    Good to hear that you had fun!

    Yingping Dec 04, 2013

    I am really enjoying to take look the web “Bokeh Story Photos” blogs, photos. Each of the photos has a story. Special for fall season photos, they like a poem and oil painting. Photographer puts a lots effort on her’s project. Wish she is getting better and better.


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