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Snow White Themed Birthday – Kansas City Child Photographer

October 5, 2016

My little princess Audrey is turning six! I asked what she would like for her birthday. She said, “I want to be Snow White!” I said, “Perfect! Mommy can make your dream come true! Let me think of a good place and we will go from there!”
That was the first part of her dream – to dress up as Snow White. I didn’t have to do much with her hair since her natural hair color is black and the length is perfect to dress up as Snow White. I did not use a huge red bow headband on her as it looked silly. Instead, I used a blue and red mixed headband with a medium sized bow. For makeup, I only applied little blush on her cheeks and put on some coral red lipsticks.
We shot at William Jewell College, where lots of historical buildings look like castles. This is another reason I put a collegiate style headband on her since we are shooting at a college. It could look like a princess goes to college. William Jewell is such a beautiful liberal arts college. It was so quiet on Saturday afternoon. There are many great spots for a Snow White themed session. We first shot in the woods with her holding an apple. That apple was the only prop we used. Then we moved to take some shots in front of the Jewell Hall. This tall building marks the tallest spot in Liberty, which is on the top of a hill. Finally, we shot at the beautiful lawn in front of John Gano Memorial Chapel. This area is the central of this college. Both Audrey and I had lots of fun! Stay tuned for the second part of her dream – dress up as princesses with her best friends!

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