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Lai- The Face Behind Bokeh Story Photo

I am Lai – the photographer behind Bokeh Story Photos. I am a full-time working mom, so I only book sessions in the weekends. My passion for photography started when I was in kindergarten, playing with my dad’s Nikon film camera. I took my first film photography class in high school and it sparked even more after I became a mother.

My expertise is a casual photo-journalistic style that strives to capture the true personality of an individual. Although I always take a few formal poses, most of my images are stolen moments that define the relationship among my subjects.

Besides lifestyle photos, I also specialize in creative portraiture. My aim is to shoot with intent, always planning my shots before they are taken and finding meaning in everything. By sketching out a concept or writing a storyline/script after interviewing my subjects, each image tells a story, and each story is part of a larger play running constantly in my imagination. These works are constructed before a camera is ever used through pre-conceptualization, and only when an image is planned will it be created.

A little more about me…

  • Mother of two Irish twins Audrey and Wesley.
  • Portrait photographer by weekend.
  • Interaction designer by week day.
  • Loves all types of food and will go crazy in grocery store if I were hungry – putting everything in the cart.
  • Born and raised in Shanghai, China. Speaks fluent Chinese Mandarin, Shanghainese, and English.
  • Love singing, mixing, recording songs and can sing in 3 languages for 8 hours straight in karaoke box.
  • Burps loud and cannot drink soda.
  • Deep inside I am still a little child. I love Hello Kitty and pretty packaged candies and snacks. I make friends with little kids easily.

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